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Values-Based Communications™  |  Neuro-Optimized Messaging  |  Precision Engagement

Drive More Responses by Framing Your People’s Benefit and Healthcare Choices in the Language of Their Values

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What We Offer

Values-Based Communications

Drawing from leading advancements in data science and consumer psychology, psychographic profiling supports deep member personalization - based on a person's world views, values, and beliefs. Messaging tailored to people's preferences drives higher enrollment, engagement, and ongoing participation in health management programs, compared to the limited reach of one-size-fits-all risk- and condition-oriented communications.

Across the broader fields of employee benefit programs, wellness, health management, and healthcare, employers, benefits consultants, physicians, and other healthcare stakeholders are continuing to gather more and more insight into employees’ and patients’ preferences and habits and are gaining a better understanding of what works and don’t work to attract and sustain health improvement initiatives. As the “connected” era of the internet also reveals more and more about employees’ purchasing behavior as consumers, healthcare preferences as patients, general informational interests, and the like, “big data” and cognitive research models are now being deployed into the staid realm of healthcare and benefits – in many ways, for the first time.

Precision Engagement

Personalization strategies based on consumer segmentation have been commonplace in many other industries, but are relatively new in the fields of employee benefits and healthcare.

Precision Engagement™ is a marketing and communications service that uses an exponential, research-based consumer psychology mechanism to deliver tailored messaging to employees and patients based on their “Health Personality Segment” – their personal values, beliefs, world views, priorities and preferences.

Action prompts can be embedded in email, text and automated telephonic communications to capture and track responsive behaviors. Both employee benefit professionals and healthcare providers are freed to focus valuable resources on the people who need the most attention.
Employees and patients are nudged forward by automating their next steps towards better health and wellness.  Success rates improve because the information provided, and the requests made are clearer to them. Finally, they more quickly grasp why they should take the recommended next steps.

Done-For-You, Branded Email and Text Campaigns

Our powerful technology platform capabilities are API-enabled, offering fast and easy connectivity and integration with your existing systems. Everything from simple administrative workflows (like scheduling a doctor visit or biometric screening), to complex treatment workflows (like chronic condition or discharge management), can be enriched and enhanced. Interactive, push messaging (via email, text, voice, and apps), is then delivered through a rules-based, segmentized communications engine. Entire groups, or just specific people who may be identified based on testing, assessments, conditions or predictive analytics, can be targeted accurately and persuasively.

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Mark Head


With 4 decades of combined experience in employee benefits consulting, wellness and health management, Head brings a unique combination of dynamic perspectives into a clear vision of where the future of health care is moving - and it's moving towards deeper human connection, awareness, and engagement...

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