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The Return on Commitment | By Mark Head | February 17, 2022

John Assaraf regularly tells the story of his first mentor, who only agreed to help him if he was committed – not just interested. If you’re merely interested, you won’t take the actions necessary to achieve a change from your current state to your desired state. You won’t stick with it. You won’t take the […]

Engagement Activism | By Mark Head | February 17, 2022

It seems we're barely underway in this new year, yet we're almost through Q1, and we're also bearing down on the end of Q1 of the entire century... The pandemic has begun to recede from being such a confounding factor. Income and wealth inequality, however, have continued to accelerate. The latest inflation stats show that […]

Integrated Well-Being | By Mark Head | November 22, 2021

The buzz for “wellness” continues to increase in the media, in government, in business, and in insurance. Less noticed, though perhaps more noteworthy, a cadre of intellectuals, scientists, visionaries and post-allopathic physicians are reshaping the dialog of what constitutes well-being. According to these, there are not just financial, but also moral and evolutionary imperatives to […]

Sacred Agreements | By Mark Head | November 22, 2021

A chief aim of wellness programs in America today should be the furtherance of Shakespeare's Socratic maxim, “To thine own self be true.” Every step we take towards greater awareness of our inner state of being is a step towards that truth. Every choice we make that helps us feel better about ourselves is a […]

Of Cosms Micro and Macro | By Mark Head | November 22, 2021

The company body is a macrocosm of the human body, and there is an explicit correlation between the financial health of a company and the well-being of its people. The challenge has long been how to map that correlation: how to define Human Resource indicators that are meaningful, measurable, and manageable. After all, humans are […]

Cultural Wellness | By Mark Head | September 13, 2021

Way back in 1997, a Fast Company  article described emotion as the business world's last taboo. It introduces us to Lauren who, every day, "enters a world of fear and anger. Her workplace feels like a weird juxtaposition of paranoia and family closeness - half the time it's an episode of 'The X-Files,' and half […]

Mark Head


With 4 decades of combined experience in employee benefits consulting, wellness and health management, Head brings a unique combination of dynamic perspectives into a clear vision of where the future of health care is moving - and it's moving towards deeper human connection, awareness, and engagement...

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