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February 16, 20221 min read
  • The pandemic has begun to recede from being such a confounding factor.

  • Income and wealth inequality, however, have continued to accelerate.

  • The latest inflation stats show that it's increasing, with no signs of slowing down.

  • All of us are heartbroken with the situation in Ukraine.

  • And let's not forget that job quit rates have exceeded 4 million per month for the last 7 SEVEN months.*

Recent Job Quit Rate

If these situations don't give every business owner and executive significant pause, what would?

Why is the challenge of attracting and retaining quality talent accelerating so quickly?

What is turnover costing us now?

The answers aren't likely to show up through a simple Google search... and that's leading more and more companies to dig deeper, and ask:

What are we really doing to engage our employees, and how can we connect with them more effectively?

It may be an overstatement to say that "If you want your revenue and profit challenges to become even more painful, then engagement can remain an afterthought."

But if you really want make life better for your employees - and for your customers and vendors - then becoming more human-centric is imperative.

There is no passive or reactive path. If we want to activate our employees towards getting more engaged, then they need to feel valued, appreciated, supported – and they need to feel that they’re getting paid what they’re really worth.

That means we’ve got to activate better communication, we’ve got to foster deeper connection, and we’ve got to get even more serious about evolving our cultures.

~ Mark Head

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Mark Head


With 4 decades of combined experience in employee benefits consulting, wellness and health management, Head brings a unique combination of dynamic perspectives into a clear vision of where the future of health care is moving - and it's moving towards deeper human connection, awareness, and engagement...

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