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The Return on Commitment

February 17, 20221 min read

John Assaraf regularly tells the story of his first mentor, who only agreed to help him if he was committed – not just interested.

If you’re merely interested, you won’t take the actions necessary to achieve a change from your current state to your desired state.

You won’t stick with it.

You won’t take the calculated risks that can shift your trajectory.

How valuable would it be if:

  • Your HR Staff spent 10% less time getting new hires to enroll in benefits?

  • 5% more of your employees knew which plans to access – and when – during the year?

  • 5% more of your employees enrolled in your HDHP plans?

  • 5% more of your diabetics closed their gaps in care?

  • 5% more of your employees filled health insurance gaps using VBs?

  • 5% more of your employees accepted decision support recommendations?

  • 5% more of your employees enrolled into your wellness program?

Every one of those goals is achievable.

If you’re committed.

~ Mark Head

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With 4 decades of combined experience in employee benefits consulting, wellness and health management, Head brings a unique combination of dynamic perspectives into a clear vision of where the future of health care is moving - and it's moving towards deeper human connection, awareness, and engagement...

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